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          Industry News

          How compressor classification


          1, according to the principle can be divided into three categories : volume type , power type ( speed type or turbine type ) , thermal -type compressors.
          2 , can be divided by the lubrication oil lubrication oil-free air compressors and air compressor .
          3 , according to the performance can be divided into : low noise, frequency , explosion-proof air compressor.
          4 , use can be divided into: refrigerator compressor , air compressors, refrigeration compressors, compressor oil , natural gas filling stations , drilling machine, pneumatic tools , vehicle braking , with the doors and windows open and close , textile machinery , tire inflation, plastic machinery compressors , mining compressors , marine compressors, medical compressors , sand blasting paint with .
          5 , can be classified according to type : fixed, mobile, closed .
          Displacement compressors - directly depend on changes in the volume of gas compressor to increase gas pressure .
          Piston compressors - the displacement of the compressor , the compression element is a piston reciprocates within the cylinder .
          Rotary compressors - are positive displacement compressors , compressed by the forced movement of the rotating element is implemented .
          Vane compressor - is variable capacity rotary compressor , axial vane on the same eccentric cylindrical rotor cylinder radial sliding . After being discharged compressed air interception slide in between .
          Liquid - piston compressors - are rotary positive displacement compressor, in which water or other liquid as a piston to compress the gas , and the gas discharge .
          Roots dual-rotor compressor - is a rotary positive displacement compressor, in which both Roots rotor meshing with each other to the gas stopped , and sent from the air intake vents . No internal compression.
          Screw compressors - are rotary positive displacement compressor, in which two rotors with helical gear meshing with each other , so that the engagement of the two rotors volume from large to small , so the gas is compressed and discharged. Screw air compressor screw compressor components, using the latest CNC grinding internal manufacturing , and with the line laser technology to ensure extremely precise manufacturing tolerances . Its reliability and performance to ensure that operating costs in the life of the compressor has been minimal. Adjust the compressor , compressors and desiccant integrated series are L / LS series compressors new products.
          Speed ??compressor - a continuous flow rotary compressor, in which the high-speed rotating blades to accelerate the gas passing through it , so that the speed can be converted to pressure. This transformation occurs on the part of the rotary blade , the fixed part occurs diffuser or reflux bezel. " Screw Compressors operation and maintenance of technical questions and answers ," See China Electric Power Press book .
          Centrifugal compressor - a speed type compressor, in which one or more rotary impeller ( usually the side blades ) to accelerate the gas . Primary air flow is radial .
          Axial compressor - is speed compressor , in which the gas are accelerated by the rotor blades installed . Primary air flow is axial .
          Mixed flow compressors - also is speed compressor . Its rotor shape combines both centrifugal and axial some of the features .
          Injected compressor - a high-speed jet of gas or vapor gas sucked away , in the diffuser and the speed of the mixed gas will be converted to pressure.
          Permanent magnet inverter compressor - As the frequency of the use of variable speed screw compressor characteristics of the inverter, controller or drive through the internal PID regulator, can slow start ; relatively large fluctuations of gas consumption occasions , and can quickly adjust the response.


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